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One of our core philosophies at Foster Maintain is that the property owner or trustee has control at every decision point. You will not spend one cent on property maintenance that you have not authorised. With our programme of INSPECT > PLAN > ACT, you will be able to see at a glance the condition of every component of your property, its maintenance timeframe and its level of priority. As maintenance schedules are prepared they will be budgeted to give you a clear indication of the costs.Work will only be undertaken where it has been authorised. Our aim is to provide a customised service which meets the needs of each individual client.

Change of Use

Building owners may often change the purpose for which a building was originally built. This can have an effect on the maintenance profile requirements for the building. Where a former residential property is turned into a day care centre for children the owner will need to ensure that the maintenance audit trail meets more rigorous standards of care. Where a former office block is turned into apartments the body corporate will need to exercise appropriate skill to maintain the building and its value to apartment investors. Or where a buildings originally designed as a light commercial or office facility is turned into a factory the operations may create a more corrosive atmosphere which affects structural integrity. Whenever a change of building use occurs the maintenance plan needs to reflect any new factors which may influence the maintenance requirements of the building.

Legal Requirements Of Body Corporates, Asset Owners, Managers and Trustees

Poorly maintained buildings can become a legal liability for the owner or trustee if the building fails to meet statutory requirements of safety and functionality. Property owners are responsible for the condition of their properties to ensure they are fit for purpose. Under various legislation such as the Unit Titles Act, owners and trustees are required to exercise reasonable skill, care and diligence. This has implications for those who manage property assets including multi-unit developments, schools, churches and charitable trusts. It is essential that all those responsible for building upkeep have sound, auditable procedures for property maintenance. A satisfactory audit trail demonstrates those procedures and processes are in place and functioning well.

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