Case Studies

AgResearch - Chiefs Francise Facility

Foster Maintain acted as both the Project Manager and Construction Company to complete a new facility at the AgResearch Centre for the Chiefs franchise.

The project entailed the conversion of a redundant workshop and machine shop into a training facility that now includes:

  • A large gym and mezzanine fitness area;
  • Changing rooms, showers and ablutions area;
  • A team room;
  • Doctors and physiotherapist areas including plunge pools;
  • New office spaces and team analysis areas.

Working to an agreed budget, Foster Maintain worked closely with the designers, Chow:Hill, and both the AgResearch and Chiefs management to create what has been commented on as one of the best training facilities of its type in the country.

The challenge was to use as much of the existing infrastructure as possible to keep within the budget whilst ensuring these were brought up to current standards.

Throughout the project we all worked closely to ensure we retained the feel of the industrial aspect of the building but creating a facility that we could all be proud of.

You can read Mike King's testimonial here.



Actual Engineering

Foster Maintain was asked to look at the existing building office area and come back with suggestions on how to best overcome some of the issues the current design had created.

The key focus was to take some of the risk out of the current design that had weather proofing issues, structural components exposed to the weather and to achieve a better street front appearance at the same time.

This was achieved by a complete re-roof and revised flashing and gutter details as well as replacement of structural support members and adding weather protection to achieve improved weather resistance.

The building now has a new look and one the owners and tenants can be proud of.



Quadcon Properties - Collingwood Street Building

Foster Maintain was commissioned to undertake a refit of the office areas in this building.

This work included the demolition of most of the existing internal walls, and then a refit to create a new up-to-date office environment, ablutions block and staff area.

Along with a new layout came the repositioning of most of the mechanical services for the air conditioning plant and the installation of new pipes for waste water discharge.

Part of the upgrade included the servicing and maintenance to all of the window units as well as a review of the roof areas for weather tightness.

The owners were very happy with the outcome which allowed new tenants to take immediate occupation of the building.


Grillers Restaurant

This was initially a contract to Earthquake Strengthen (EQS) Grillers Restaurant, but like many other EQS jobs of this type the owner took the opportunity to upgrade areas of the building at the same time.

The EQS of the building entailed the addition of structural bracing both horizontally and vertically plus the infill of existing windows to improve the existing wall bracing components.

All the service areas of the restaurant were upgraded with easy-clean surfaces as well as the fitting of new suspended ceiling areas in the main restaurant.

To limit the down time of the business while this work was completed a tight programme was agreed with the owner and Foster Maintain met the deadlines agreed.

The customers of Grillers Restaurant not only now have a refurbished surrounding to enjoy but also peace of mind that the EQS work has been completed.

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